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5 travel gifts for your Christmas Wish List

26 Nov

I hope, for your sake, that you’re reading this from halfway across the world. Because as I type, millions of Americans are descending on Wal-Mart and Best Buy in the pre-Christmas ritual known as Black Friday. Holiday shopping has officially begun. And apparently, I’m not exempt from the madness. I am, after all, posting a wish list!

Anyway, here’s the travel stuff I would be dreaming of this Christmas, if I didn’t already have most of it: Continue reading


Travel Links of the Week

12 Nov

Breathtaking photo? From geoftheref

Tripadvisor reviews that will make your skin crawl

27 Oct

Poor Tripadvisor! A few dozen hotel owners, who don’t understand how travelers actually use Tripadvisor, plan to sue the site over some less-than-flattering reviews left by Tripadvisor users.

I, for one, am grateful for the service Tripadvisor provides. How else would we know that the Heritage Marina Hotel in San Francisco is the dirtiest hotel in America? Or that staying at the Desert Lodge in Palm Desert is “like sleeping on the streets of Calcutta“? And you know a hotel is bad when 89% of travelers recommend against it.

What’s your worst hotel experience?

(The eeiry photo above is of the “salt hotel” in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Incidentally, it got pretty good reviews on tripadvisor.com. Photo Credit: wili_hybrid)

Travel Link | National Geographic Daily

21 Sep

A friend recently shared this travel photo site from National Geographic. The “Photo of the Day” images are certainly striking, but what is even more awe-inspiring is that a number of them are from other ordinary users of the site. You can submit your own travel photos here.

Travel Link | Map Envelope

8 Sep

Because I apparently love all things map-related, I had to mention this envelope generator. What a clever way to tell the recipient of your whereabouts!

Via MAKE Magazine

Travel Link | Scratch Map

17 Aug

We’re well into August, and for me at least, that means Christmas shopping season has officially begun. Perhaps it’s a bit early to make such recommendations, but this awesome Scratch Map would make a fun and thoughtful gift for the world traveler on your list.