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Idyllwild: My Weekend Away

20 Nov

Idyllwild is the unloved stepchild of Southern California. Everyone adores our iconic beaches, but no one comes to Southern California for the mountains, which is where you’ll find Idyllwild. Even locals prefer Big Bear, with its decent ski slopes.

As for me, I’d visited Idyllwild a few times, usually for a retreat, but it wasn’t until my trip a few weeks ago that I fully succumbed to its charms. Maybe it had something to do with the time of year. Unlike San Diego, Idyllwild has fully settled into fall. Continue reading


Rock Creek Lake: My Weekend Away

6 Oct

Heat rash. The itchy, red bumps appeared on my legs two days ago. Not because I was sweltering here in San Diego, in 108 degree heat*, but because I wore too many layers in front of a campfire. Continue reading