Is it 900 AD…

3 Oct

…or did I just get an archery lesson from a man in a viking costume?

Fortunately for me, it’s the former. We went to the annual Viking Fest in Vista, California two weekends ago. It’s something my husband has been dying to check out, as we live only 5 minutes away.

The main draw for us was the chance to drink mead, a beer/wine made out of fermented honey. For all the hype and anticipation, the  mead was something of a disappointment. At $4 for 4 ounces, it felt a little pricey. And the taste was bitter and not at all honey-like. I’ve always wanted to make mead, mainly because I’m gluten-free and can’t drink home-brewed beer. But after trying mead, I think I can cross it off my bucket list.

The rest of the Viking Fest was basically a Renaissance Fair, except with an emphasis on weapons, like the archery set I’m using above. There was also an axe-throwing contest, live battle demos, and some scantily clad women dancing with swords. Not really my cup of tea, but at least we can say we went.

And my archery lesson was pretty awesome. I significantly improved my aim and actually got two bulls eyes. I think the Viking felt at a loss to instruct me, given how good I already seemed to be. But I don’t think I would have done quite so well without his tutelage. The secret is to release the arrow by relaxing your hand, not flinging it open.


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