5 travel gifts for your Christmas Wish List

26 Nov

I hope, for your sake, that you’re reading this from halfway across the world. Because as I type, millions of Americans are descending on Wal-Mart and Best Buy in the pre-Christmas ritual known as Black Friday. Holiday shopping has officially begun. And apparently, I’m not exempt from the madness. I am, after all, posting a wish list!

Anyway, here’s the travel stuff I would be dreaming of this Christmas, if I didn’t already have most of it:


How many times have you finished a book while waiting for a flight, only to find yourself with another three hours to go? You could look around for the airport bookstore, but the Kindle is so much easier — in less than 30 seconds, you have a new novel. And unlike your 1,488 page copy of Les Mis, the Kindle weighs a mere 8.7 ounces and will easily fit in your shoulder bag. For those particularly long waits, the impressive battery life provides hours of uninterrupted reading. I’ve had my Kindle since October, and I’ve only charged it once!

A Moveable Feast

I love food, and I love travel. So how could I not recommend this delectable anthology from Lonely Planet? The book chronicles 38 “life-changing food adventures around the world” and includes pieces by Anthony Bourdain and David Leibovitz, two preeminent food and travel writers. With essay titles like “Italy in Seventeen Courses” and “A Pilgrimage to El Bulli,” I’m already drooling.

Personal Organizer from LL Bean

It’s not a very glamorous gift, but organization is a present in itself. Cory got one of LL Bean’s personal organizers for Christmas a few years ago, and since he doesn’t have much in the way of toiletries, I claimed it for myself. I love the two waterproof pouches, the built-in hook, and the compact design. Plus, the water-resistant fabric keeps my shower stuff from getting the rest of my luggage wet.

Nalgene Travel Containers

Use these with your personal organizer, and you’ll be set when it comes to toiletries. Like their water bottles, Nalgene’s travel containers are virtually leakproof. I’ve never had one spill or break, even at high altitudes. The screw-top jars are perfect for storing ibuprofen or other medications, and Nalgene offers a small, TSA-sized travel kit with bottles all under 2 ounces.

2011 Lonely Planet Wall Calendar

Our planet may be lonely, but it’s also lovely — a truth which LP always captures so powerfully in its yearly wall calendars. The colorful photos will liven up even the most drab office, and the country profiles provide ample inspiration in between trips. Wall calendars may be going losing ground to smartphones, but don’t you agree, that there’s still something so satisfying about flipping to each new month?

Happy shopping!

Note: I wasn’t compensated for any of these recommendations. These are things I genuinely like, and I think you will, too!


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