Travel alert? Stick to small cities

7 Oct

I’m a few days late in posting on the new US travel alerts for Europe, but I think the safety tips in this article are worth pointing out. Some are no-brainers (“Don’t look American”) and other might be a bit over the top (“Contract a security firm”), but even in the absence of a travel advisory, I would definitely think twice before staying in high profile hotel or using public transportation during rush hour.

My own two cents: Rearrange your itinerary to include smaller towns. I first visited Spain in 2004, shortly after the Madrid bombings. I was in college, and my parents were beside themselves with worry. But in reality, the threat on my life was small. I did fly in and out of Madrid, but I spent the rest of my four week stay in Galicia, an unlikely terrorist target.

Photo Credit: Cuellar


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